Types of copyright objects

National Institute of Intellectual Property

Works that are subject to copyright

1. Objects of copyright are:

  • literary works;
  • dramatic and musical-dramatic works;
  • script works;
  • choreography and pantomime works;
  • musical works with or without text;
  • audiovisual works;
  • works of painting, sculpture, graphics and other works of fine art;
  • works of applied art;
  • works of architecture, urban planning, design and landscape gardening art;
  • photographic works and works obtained by methods analogous to photography;
  • maps, plans, sketches, illustrations and three-dimensional works related to geography, topography and other sciences;
  • computer programs;
  • other works.

2. Protection of computer programs applies to all types of computer programs (including operating systems) that can be expressed in any language and in any form, including source text and object code.

3. Objects of copyright also include:

  • derivative works (translations, adaptations, annotations, abstracts, summaries, reviews, performances, musical arrangements and other processing of works of science, literature and art);
  • collections (encyclopedias, anthologies, databases) and other composite works, which are the result of creative work in the selection and (or) arrangement of materials.

Derivative and composite works are protected by copyright regardless of whether the works on which they are based or which they include are subject to copyright.