The most common errors are

National Institute of Intellectual Property

Analysis of the most common mistakes in the process of applying for copyright objects.
The most common errors are:

  • different names in the application and in the attached copies, dates of creation
  • when applying for the registration of musical works with or without text - for example, they are presented as a work with text, but they can attach notes, but do not attach the lyrics, or vice versa;
  • when applying for registration of a scenario - not prescribed dialogues;
  • audiovisual works do not always indicate the full list of authors (authors (co-authors) of an audiovisual work - the scenario, the author of a musical work (with or without text), specially created for this audiovisual work (composer), Director, cinematographer, production designer);
  • when applying for registration of a sculpture, a sketch or a drawing can be attached instead of a three-dimensional form;
  • when applying for works of architecture, urban planning may not attach a sketch or drawing;
  • when applying for design works, a trademark is often filed;
  • when applying for registration of a computer program-the abstract can be combined technical characteristics and purpose of the program, often incorrectly indicate the programming language, there is no type of implementing computer;
  • when applying for the registration of derivative and composite works are not further submitted a copy of an author's contract concluded with the author or copyright holder of the original work;
  • regarding the registration of non-published works, very often they submit works that contain data on the publication of the work through publication (ISBN is indicated).