Public procurement

National Institute of Intellectual Property

Procurement of goods works and services of the RSE "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice is regulated by the Law "On Public Procurement" and "On Approval of the Rules of Public Procurement"

The implementation of public procurement is based on the principles of:

1) optimal and efficient spending of money used for public procurement;

2) providing equal opportunities for potential suppliers to participate in the procedure of public procurement, except for cases stipulated by this Law;

3) fair competition among potential suppliers, prevention of collusion among participants in procurement;

4) openness and transparency of the public procurement process, including observing the legal rights of suppliers to commercial secrecy (until the results of public procurement are summarized);

5) support of domestic producers of goods, as well as domestic suppliers of works and services to the extent that it does not contradict international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6) responsibility of participants of public procurement;

7) prevention of corrupt practices;

8) acquisition of innovative and high-tech goods, works and services;

9) observance of the rights to intellectual property objects contained in the purchased goods.

Normative legal acts regulating the procedure of public procurement:

Law "On Public Procurement"

On Approval of the Rules for Public Procurement

Placement of the plan of public procurement and electronic public procurement by methods provided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Public Procurement" is carried out through the web portal For quick search of announcements or protocols of conducted procurements of RSE " NIIP " follow the link

Public procurement plan for 2021

Public procurement plan for 2022

Public procurement plan for 2023

Public procurement plan for 2024