Application and attached documents

National Institute of Intellectual Property

The application and the documents attached to it are submitted to the expert organization - the Republican State Enterprise "National Institute of Intellectual Property" (hereinafter- RSE "NIIP"):

  • with a personal appeal to the RSE "NIIP";
  • the direction through the postal service;
  • using the official website of RSE "NIIP" in the form of an electronic document through a Personal Account, certified by an electronic digital signature;
  • When submitting on paper, the application is submitted in two copies, reproduced by means of computer typing and printing in the state or Russian language.

The management of cases on the application for registration of a trademark with the RSE "NIIP" may be carried out with the applicant or through a patent attorney, as well as through another representative.

The powers of a patent attorney or representative are certified by a power of attorney issued to him by the applicant.