Application and attached documents

National Institute of Intellectual Property

Like any result of creative work, the industrial design must be protected by law. And in order to obtain such protection it is necessary to register an industrial design in an authorized body.

To obtain a patent for an industrial design, it is necessary to apply for the grant of a patent to an expert organization.

In accordance with the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, both a legal entity and an individual can apply for the grant of a patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for an industrial design. In the application, besides the applicants, the authors of the artistic and design solutions are indicated. The applicant and the author may be one and the same individual.

The application must contain:

  1. an application of the established form for the grant of a patent indicating the authors of the industrial design and the persons in whose name the patent is requested, as well as their place of residence or location;
  2. a set of reproducible images of the appearance of the product, giving a complete detailed picture of the essential features of the industrial design;
  3. description of the industrial design;
  4. power of attorney in the case of the case through a representative.

And also attached to the application for an industrial design is a document confirming the grounds for reducing its amount of payment (for participants of the Great Patriotic War (hereinafter referred to as the Second World War) and persons equated with benefits to participants of the Second World War, disabled people, minors, oralmans, pensioners by age and seniority, for military personnel - a copy of the relevant document or certificate), for small and medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Kazakhstan - a copy of the company's charter.