National Institute of Intellectual Property

Women and IP - a catalyst for innovation and creativity

27 March, 2023

Dear friends!

Every year, on 26 April, we celebrate International Intellectual Property (IP) Day.

QAZPATENT is pleased to announce that this year's World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has announced the theme of celebrating IP Day: Women and IP - a catalyst for innovation and creativity.

International IP Day 2023 is an opportunity to pay tribute to all talented women around the world.

For generations, women's ingenuity and creativity have shaped the world we live in. Women are creating new opportunities and realizing their talents.

We wish all women and girls in all parts of the world the unhindered exercise of their creative and inventive abilities, building on and benefiting from IP.

A better understanding of IP can make your start-up more competitive. That is why the WIPO Academy offers courses specifically designed for entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the IP ecosystem!