National Institute of Intellectual Property

Condolences on the death of a patent attorney

19 November, 2023



(01.01.1957 - 19.11.2023)

 Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan (reg. № 31).


    Qazpatent is deeply saddened to announce the death of Galina Alekseevna Zhukova (01.01.1957 - 19.11.2023), one of the first patent attorneys of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founder and leading patent attorney of BURO PLIS LLP.

    Galina Alekseevna was not only an outstanding specialist in the field of patent law, but also a person deeply respected by colleagues, applicants and authors. Her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of a patent attorney's work, from the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the EAPO to the peculiarities of working with applicants and authors, was invaluable.

    Galina Alekseevna left behind a worthy succession of patent attorneys and patent law specialists who continue her work with numerous attorneys and applicants in dozens of countries.

    Her passing away on November 19, 2023 was a great loss for all former and present employees of BURO PLIS, her friends and colleagues in Kazakhstan and in many countries. All of us will keep the brightest memory of our great friend, bright, kind and very efficient person.

  We express our condolences to the family and friends of Galina Alekseevna Zhukova. We share your grief. The memory of her will remain with us forever.


Qazpatent team