National Institute of Intellectual Property


One village-one product-one geographical indications

27 October, 2023

On October 27, Qazpatent hosted a training on the legal protection of geographical indications (GI) and promotion of regional products for the finalists of the project "One Village - One Product", organized by the Chamber "Atameken".

Galiya Utebekova, Director of the Kazakhstan-Swiss Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Business at Almaty Technological University, spoke about the current challenges of food production in the SME sector.

Aydyn Artykova, Deputy Director of Qazpatent, introduced the guests to the activities of the Institute, told the regional producers about such objects of intellectual rights as geographical indication (GI) and appellation of origin of goods (AOI), about the advantages for enterprises and peculiarities of legal protection of products. She urged to register their objects as GI, appellation of origin, TM.

On the platform of Qazpatent start-up entrepreneurs had the opportunity to ask more precise questions regarding legal protection and conditions for the formation of regional brands. The training was attended by such companies as "Asyl Arman Kazakhstan" LLP (herbal products, oils, teas), IP AQTORE (camel milk products, kymyran, kurt), and others.

The project "One Village - One Product" (OVOP) is a component of the program "Men Kasinker", created within the framework of the National Project on Entrepreneurship Development for 2021-2025. The project aims to improve the welfare and living standards of ordinary citizens, assisting women entrepreneurs in expanding markets for their products, with further export.

The exhibition of products of entrepreneurs under the project "One Village - One Product" was held in the framework of the competition "The Best Product of Kazakhstan" October 27-28 in the International Exhibition Center "EXPO".

About 180 domestic commodity producers, 38 finalists of the project with the presentation of 188 items of products, including ice cream from koumiss, zhent with various additives, cookies from talkan, honey and tea with the addition of herbs, seasonings, cheese, and meat delicacies using a special method of smoking, pastilla from fruits and berries and much more took part in the Republican exhibition. Regional projects were selected for participation in the exhibition according to the following evaluation criteria: the product or goods must be produced from local raw materials, and its production must use simple, simple tools and mechanisms that do not require significant financial expenditures.

Following the results of the "The Best Product of Kazakhstan"  competition, 27 finalists will be determined in three categories: "The best goods for production purposes", "The best food products" and "The best goods for the population".

It should be noted that the competition "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 9, 2006 and is held annually to activate the activities of individuals and legal entities aimed at improving the quality of domestic products, as well as to promote saturation of the market of Kazakhstan with high-quality and competitive products.